Keep your Facility Clean from Cross Contamination

What is Cross-Contamination?

Cross-contamination means spreading germs from one place to another. For example, if you clean the toilets with a towel, then use the same towel to clean the kitchen tables, you are spreading germs from the restroom to the kitchen. That is cross contamination. 

How does A&R prevent Cross-contamination?

  • Color coded microfiber towels

Color coding is a method that uses  a specific color for specific cleaning tasks.There are many kinds of microfiber products. A&R Integrative Janitorial, uses the professional microfiber towels that have loops that are split in the manufacturing process. The splits, or channels, are electrically charged so they grab and hold more dirt and germs.

  • Gloves  

Gloves protect from germs and chemicals to prevent cross-contamination. A&R Integrative Janitorial trains all staff members to change gloves when cleaning different areas (example: Restrooms, kitchen, offices).

A&R Integrative Janitorial takes cross contamination very seriously. We focus on providing our staff with the tools and training to eliminate cross contamination from the facilities we serve.

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