IS mopping your VCT floors enough?

A&R Integrative Janitorial is a company that works on all different types of floors. The majority of commercial buildings in the Green bay area have Vinyl composition tile or “VCT”. This type of flooring will not look its best with mopping alone. VCT flooring must be striped and waxed (4 coats) to maintain and protect the coating. A&R Integrative Janitorial recommends this be done twice a year. Once the floor has that beautiful shine, mopping alone will not be enough to maintain that great look. As a cleaning company we are always looking for ways to keep our customers cost low, burnishing is a good solution. The burnishing procedure is an ultra high-speed buffing for VCT floors. Performing the burnishing service for your facility floors will extend the life of the floors and increase the floors look and shine. This procedure will give your VCT floors that “POP” and it is good for the pocket book as well!

Take a look at the pictures below to see a recent service we performed at one of our accounts.