Ignoring the dirt beneath your feet?

person cleaning floor

Have you ever walked into a business and right away noticed the cob webs, dirty windows, or walked into the bathroom and thought…”Yikes!” Let’s be honest it is one of the first things you notice as a new client, patient, or consumer. Running a business is a lot of hard work and when you own or rent a building the appearance plays a big part. You want your surroundings to provide the best opportunity for success. As a commercial cleaning professional here is what we suggest you do to give your company the best chance for success.

Initial Clean

If your building has never been cleaned, or if you are changing cleaners, we strongly recommend to schedule a day to do an initial clean. This clean is a full wipe down. Starting from from 10 feet from the ceiling towards the floors. You will want to clean everything, from the walls, windows, vents, baseboards, fixtures, furniture, window sills, door frames and high touch points. This takes care of all the neglected dust and dirt that has build-up and right away gives your business a whole new look.

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance”

We recommend maintaining the new look. Maintaining a clean facility for your business doesn’t have to be a headache. Whether you plan on hiring a cleaner or doing it yourself, the best recommendation is to create a cleaning plan. Look at your facility needs, bathrooms, offices, floors, windows, and so on. Obtaining that information will give you the clarity on how to create a cleaning schedule. Here is an example of a cleaning schedule, Monday-Friday clean all bathrooms,vacuum, take out garbage, clean windows and every other day clean the office areas. Every facility and business is unique and the needs may vary, take time to figure out what your facility cleaning needs are and take action for attacking them.

After all, a clean business gives your business a better opportunity for success!