Full Bathroom Deep Clean Guide

If your facility has showers and bathrooms, have you considered the benefits of a deep bathroom clean? Why is a deep cleaning important? A deep bathroom clean for your facilities’ bathrooms will remove the mildew. Mildew in the grout can be highly toxic and could create more generic bathroom mold. Here is what you should do to plan a deep bathroom clean.

Preparation is essential.

First prepare your cleaning supplies. Here are the recommended chemicals and equipment.

1. Disinfectant
2. Glance- Window cleaner
3. Toilet bowl cleaner
4. Microfiber Wash Cloth
5. Toilet cleaner brush
6. Stools for higher reach
7. Hard brushes
8. Scrub brushes
9. Floor Scrubber
11. Shower Foam

Next, plan out how you will accomplish the deep bathroom clean.

We recommend starting by applying foaming chemicals to the showers tile and let it soak to break down the mildew and grout. While the tiles soak, begin focusing on cleaning from top to bottom. From the ceiling to all the walls removing all cobwebs and cleaning the vents. Wipe every area of the bathroom. Next, the basic bathroom clean focusing on the mirror, sink, and toilet. Once the basic bathroom cleaning is done, start rinsing and scrubbing the shower. To clean the floor use the floor scrubber. Lastly, finish up by giving the bathrooms a polish and restock any soap, toilet paper, etc. Now the bathroom is completely done.

A&R Integrative Janitorial recently performed a deep cleaning service on multiple showers and bathrooms. After successfully performing this cleaning service we decided to give you a full guide on how to perform a deep bathroom clean.

If your business is looking for a cleaning company to perform this service look no more, contact us right away to schedule a free estimate.