A&R Integrative Medical Janitorial Services

Hospitals, clinics, dental offices and other medical facilities have special needs, and require special care. Improperly cleaned facilities impact public perception and can result in the spread of infection and disease.

Why Commercial Cleaning Services Are Important in Medical Facilities?

While healthcare-associated infections range from small to big, with proper cleaning they can be avoided all together. Healthcare-associated infections can happen when bacteria is transferred from the environment to a person. This can happen in a variety of ways such as contaminated surfaces, from equipment or between hands or gloves of healthcare workers.

Why is it important to hire Specialized Commercial  Medical Cleaning?

Regardless of the type of health care facility, all medical offices and settings are expected to be free of dust, dirt and disease. Due to the variety and critical nature of services that medical offices provide, many organizations rely on commercial cleaning companies to maintain the highest standards in cleanliness and sanitation. Using a commercial medical cleaning service that specializes in healthcare and medical facilities has several important benefits. A&R Integrative  commercial cleaning company that specializes in healthcare facilities will have the training and experience to easily manage the multifaceted needs that come with maintaining the health and safety of a healthcare facility.

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