A&R 5 Star Program

Mission statement: we are a family oriented employee culture that focuses on great customer service, excellent communication built on integrity and trust that leads to a long-term partnership.

Partnership of business concept. Group of businessperson. Customer support. Teamwork.

The 5 Star Program

  1. Employee culture 
  2. EPA registered chemicals 
  3. Color coded microfiber 
  4. No dip mopping system 
  5. Backpack vacuum

Employee Culture 




-Team Work 


-Dress Code: A&R shirt, Jeans, Tennis shoes

What makes A&R different?

The five star program makes our commercial cleaning company unique and different from other commercial cleaning providers. We provide our customers with a clean, healthy workplace while most commercial janitors do not.

Why do we use the five star program?

  1. To create a positive and productive work environment.
  2. Clean 
  3. Disinfect
  4. Be Efficient

A&R strives to provide an exceptional commercial cleaning service by following the 5 Star Program. Call us today at 920-320-1197 or request a free quote!