6 Steps to a Clean Office

A clean office is a productive office, but in an office shared by many workers, it can be easy for the environment to become dirty and disorganized. Unfortunately, a little neglected office cleaning can quickly build up to decreased productivity, disinterested workers and turned-off clients. Office cleaning can easily be overlooked, but it is a truly important part of a successful business. Sometimes it is difficult to even know where to start in keeping an office clean, so we have put together a seven step guide to help you keep your office looking and running more productive.

6 Steps to a Clean Office

1. Create a clean office culture

Help all employees understand the importance of keeping a clean workspace and taking extra steps to be clean in common areas.

2. Make Cleaning Supplies Readily Available

In common areas it should be easy to find brooms, dustpans, dish soap, paper towels, disinfectant wipes and glass cleaner. It is best if all of these supplies are in one, well known location.

3. Remove Trash Everyday

To prevent any unpleasant odors take out the garbage at the end of each work day, that way it won’t sit overnight and become a huge problem. 

4. Clean the Floors

Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping should occur a minimum of two or three times per week. 

5. Clean the Lights

This task does not need to happen as often as the rest on the list, but it is also important and often overlooked. Dust easily builds up inside of light fixtures, causing a dingy look which can lead to less productivity.

6. Set Guidelines For Cleaning Individual Spaces

It is important that employees know how their workspaces should look so that they have a goal to work towards. Screens should be kept clean, keyboards should be regularly dusted, papers should be organized, drawers should be tidy and chairs need to be cleaned weekly. 

Hire a Cleaning Service

Find a company that specializes in cleaning for your office. As you can see from reading these steps, keeping a clean office is a huge task. A&R Janitorial specializes in cleaning the needs of your facility. Contact us now to get a free estimate 920-320-1197 or email us at [email protected]