“There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel”

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

covid 19 virus

Monday morning A&R Integrative attended the “COVID-19 Town Hall for Local Businesses” hosted by Prevea. We are very thankful to have participated in such an informative Town Hall led by Dr. Ashok Rai. The information we learned during this meeting is very informative here are some key points.

“The outlook looks very positive” said Dr. Ashok Rai as he confirmed the vaccine is going for FDA approval, if it gets approved, our general public will most likely be able to receive the vaccine by April. As we anxiously wait for the Covid-19 vaccine, Prevea has had very positive results with antibodyinfusion therapy for those who have a positive Covid 19 test result and are at high risk or for our elderly patients. During the past week every patient who tried the antibody medications recovered.

During the Town Hall A&R asked “Is there a time frame for when we could begin to call Covid-19 irrelevant?” The answer, it all depends on when and if the majority of the population gets the vaccine, by doing so, we could look at Covid-19 cases drastically lowering. In the meantime, we recommend to continue to follow the CDC guidelines: Wear your masks, social distance, and quarantine when coming in contact or becoming positive with Covid-19. A&R Integrative also recommends to continue to maintain a clean and disinfected space by frequently cleaning high touch surfaces and objects.

As we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, we also want to remind you to stay safe and social distance!

happy thanksgiving