Is Your Facility Clean?

Have you took the time to look over your facility? Is your facility clean? Now is the right time to look over the areas that are most likely being neglected in your facility. Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Areas to focus on
-Air vents

-Walls (high, low, and corner areas)




-Hard floor care


-Behind computers

-Under desks

If your facility isn’t clean, you will notice these areas need your attention.

What’s next?
Get the facility up to par. Schedule time for a full top to bottom clean. Review what areas need to get cleaned and tackle the cleaning needs. This is an extensive cleaning project if your facility has been neglected. Without proper preparation for the cleaning project a company could spend a week or more on a cleaning of this magnitude. However, A&R Janitorial understands the value of time and understands that many business owners just can’t afford that kind of time. Which is why We recommend hiring a commercial cleaning team to take care of your deep cleaning needs. An equipped cleaning team like A&R Janitorial can provide a full top to bottom service at a rapid time frame insuring complete satisfaction.

A&R Janitorial is an experienced commercial cleaning team. We believe a clean facility is fundamental for productivity and business success. We service Green Bay, Fox cities, and all surround areas.

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