How commercial disinfection services keep workplaces safer

Commercial disinfection services allow businesses to reduce the risk of workplace infections

By cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas, commercial disinfection protocols prevent the spread germs, including harmful viruses and bacteria that cause conditions like COVID-19, the common cold, the flu, and food-borne illnesses.

Commercial disinfection services for COVID-19

Because many people contract COVID-19 without showing symptoms, many workplaces are incorporating disinfection services into their workplace management protocols. And even if you work in an industry that doesn’t require frequent sanitizing services or your staff is vaccinated at a high rate, using COVID-19 disinfection services can still lower the risk of workplace infections.

Commercial disinfection during cold & flu season

Although many businesses are focused on using disinfecting services to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they also help reduce workplace absences due to cold and flu infections. Not only is that a great way to promote workplace health and safety, but it also saves businesses money.

When do businesses need commercial disinfection services?

Businesses need disinfection services more than others — both in terms of how many surfaces require disinfection and how frequently. Based on CDC guidelines, commercial, office, and industrial facilities have a greater need for disinfection the more high-traffic spaces and high-touch surfaces they have.

A&R Integrative Janitorial can handle all your commercial disinfection needs and more

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