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How does a dirty office affect my business?

As a business leader, no doubt you’ve probably have witnessed a dirty bathroom, stained carpets, cob webs, and much more. If that’s what you’ve caught, have you thought about how your employees might feel about the dirty environment? It certainly doesn’t do much for employee motivation and productivity. It can also be embarrassing for your employees to receive clients in a filthy workplace. Not to mention the fact that you might have noticed employees constantly getting sick and calling out. As a business leader you may be wondering how to fix this? The answer is called Commercial Cleaning. A&R Integrative Janitorial is your commercial cleaning experts. We perform all types of commercial cleaning services, such as, regular routine cleaning, office dusting, garbage, vacuum, mopping, but we offer much more, we ensure facilities are cleaned from top to bottom. A&R Janitorial customizes the cleaning plan to fit your facility and budget needs. We offer 10 years of commercial cleaning experience, and in those 10 years we have created bulletproof plans to ensure your facility isn’t the business caught dirty. Let us handle your commercial cleaning needs. Call us now at 920-320-1197 or visit us at arintegrative.com for a free quote.